About Us

Welcome to Image and Performance, you’ve found us as you have probably been looking for a trusted supplier of Modafinil, Nootropics or other performance enhancing supplement / drug. 

You’ve come to the right place. We want to put your mind at ease and reassure that we are a legitimate supplier.  We all know the hesitation faced when placing an order, especially as we only accept payment via Bank Transfer, so before you do feel free to google us, ask about us on Reddit, Look at the reviews on Facebook and by all means feel free to contact us, by email on admin@imageandperformance.net or message us on our facebook page

Image and Performance first started in 2015 when we were branded as Modafinil UK, but due to our website being closed by MRHA for selling Modafinil, we re-branded as Image and Performance and expanded our product range. Imageandperformance.com went live in August 2016 but once again we ran into issues due to the products we sell and imageandperformance.com was closed down but we reopened as imageandperformance.net the very next day and once again expanded our product range. We have hopefully addressed this issue by moving our hosting out of the UK. We have also set up another website imageandperformance.co.uk, which will feature all our future articles, there will be no selling on imageandperformance.co.uk but will link you to us here or if we have to move again it will link to our new website.

In 2014 we became of aware of the many benefits of Modafinil. We were constantly facing delays in importing small amounts and it was difficult to find anyone to trust, buying from the UK seemed so expensive and even then it was difficult to find an established and trustworthy site. 

So we started ModafinilUK.co.uk, orginally we sold Modalert 200 and Waklert 150, you could pay by PayPal and credit card back then but unfortunately that is now not the case, our mission was to be the cheapest supplier of Modafinil in the UK and the most trusted. 

But being the cheapest and most trusted comes with some drawbacks, we were now taking customers from other sites and they did not like this, first they reported our website to the MRHA and it was shut down. 

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes we soon came back but as imageandperformance.com. 

Imageandperformance.com was originally going to be a lifestyle blog promoting the different types of image and performance enhancing supplements and drugs and had been established for about a year beforehand but with the closing of ModafinilUK.co.uk we thought it’s best use will be for carrying on the good work we started with Modafinil UK.

When we finally got Image and Performance established we were faced with another issue, we had been reported to Paypal and Stripe for selling pharmaceuticals, of course we they wouldn’t say who reported us but we have a good idea, as our competition started to flourish once more, it was at this time we introduced the direct bank transfers and had to stop all other payment methods. 

We started to publish more articles and introduce more products and really try to establish ourselves as a trusted vendor and keep prices as cheap as possible.

We faced numerous other issues since inception( of the website, not the movie!!!), spam attacks on our email accounts, DDOS attacks on our website, con men and fraudsters, etc.

That brings us to now, October 2018, we are starting our rise from the ashes again, hopefully with an new, improved and user friendly website.  We have learnt from the issues from the past and hope to keep on improving whilst still maintaining our original mission.

Be the cheapest and most trusted supplier of Modafinil in the UK