Image and Performance Payment Information

Currently we only except Direct Bank Transfers, once upon a time we did except PayPal and Credit/Debit cards but unfortunately these methods were closed to us when they found out what we were selling. 

I know this is the big draw back when you buy from us as other sites claim to accept paypal and credit/debit cards but I would ask you to careful when using these as I know none of them use paypal checkout and instead will send a money request, that would be difficult to get a refund on as you will not have payment protection.

As for the credit/debit card checkout some site use, google what payment gateway they use, I can guarantee it will not be based in the UK or even USA, you’ll be looking at India or China or possibly somewhere else that will not guarantee any of your rights. I would also be concerned on how they store that information as well. 

So for us that leaves Direct Bank Transfer, you still have rights if we do not deliver, you can contact your bank and raise a dispute, obviously we would never let it get that far and aim for 100% customer satisfaction but it is an option to keep in mind.

There are also other companies that you can use that will let you pay a UK bank account using a credit/debit card so you can have all the protection that affords.  We can’t personally recommend any ourselves but a quick Google search should get you a selection